EASY “Americana”!

Happy 4th of July!

Summer is the perfect time to sit back , relax, vacation and display your patriotic spirit!  And here  are a few ideas that will take your simple summer florals from WOW to POW, with a splash of Red, White & Blue!!

During the summer months, decorating your home with hearty red geraniums is very popular.  These flowers also look GREAT with a touch of Americana added in!

In the photos below, you will notice how nice the white door basket, white wicker planter and wrought iron wall planter look, while simply filled with red geraniums.   However, when Veteran’s, Memorial, Labor or Independence Day rolls around, simply placing a few flags in each is a wonderful way to easily add some Americana!

BEFORE - White Door Basket & Wicker Planter

While you’re at it, why not purchase an unfinished bird house (found at many craft stores) to add another quaint touch of “Easy Americana” to your seasonal display (see “AFTER – White Wicker Planter” photo – bottom shelf ). This is a great project to get the kids involved in too! If you have several neighborhood kids over this summer, why not buy small, unfinished bird houses so everyone can paint their own. FUN!

AFTER – © theseasonalhome.com

AFTER © theseasonalhome.com

Don’t forget the yard! A few flags, well placed in your garden bed, will enlarge your patriotic look, for very little cost:


AFTER – Wrought Iron Wall Planter filled with potted red geraniums


  • Don’t forget to play patriotic music if your party entertainment will include fireworks.  Music always sets the perfect mood.
  • Make sure to place unused, scented fabric softener sheets in ALL of your pockets to keep those pesky summer mosquitoes away.. and you’ll smell pretty darn good too… BONUS! 😉
  • Do you have an Independence Day Birthday in your family or want to bring your hostess a nice gift?  Why not use this patriotic time of year as your inspiration and wrap your gift(s) accordingly…  check out the idea I came up with.

    Patriotic Gift Wrap Idea!

    Patriotic Gift Wrap Idea! ©www.theseasonalhome.com

Design/Image/Idea copyrighted by Creative Family Traditions. All rights reserved.


If you enjoy watching the NASA rocket launches, especially the Space Shuttle program, you may want to check out their website (www.NASA.gov) for information on the remaining launch date and consider planning a trip to the space coast of Florida before the fun is over.  I took this photo (of the Space Shuttle) across the Banana River, many miles away from the launch pad.  But, as you can see, the detail is still good.  Trust me… it is a breathtaking sight and you WILL feel the POWER of the launch!

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