Unique Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas

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This year’s decorations feature a couple of unique Christmas tree stand cover ideas… one is a tree skirt, but the other is quite different, inexpensive and easy-to-create!

One of The Seasonal Home’s trees features a plaid, Santa-inspired theme so I was able to recycle a tree skirt I made, a few years ago, using inexpensive, red & black vinyl (at the fabric store for apx. $10/yard & don’t forget to use a coupon to save money!) 

That year, I trimmed the whole tree skirt in white fur, using apx. 3 yards (at $2/yard).  I also purchased 1-1/2 yards of the black vinyl, 1-1/3 yards of the red vinyl and a $2 metal buckle.  To make this, cut and tie a piece of string 26″ long to a pencil, which will make it apx. 24″ long in length.  Next cut & tie a piece of string 29″ long to a pencil, which will make it apx. 27″ long.  Lay out the black vinyl (face down).  Holding the end of the 27″ long string in the center of the fabric & fully extending it to the edge of the fabric, draw a complete circle.  Then, repeat this step using the 24″ long string/pencil combo on the red vinyl.  Trim all of the excess vinyl away from the outside edge of the “circle” of each piece of vinyl, which should leave a 28″ black vinyl circle and a 24″ red vinyl circle.  At this point, you will want to use the 24″ string/pencil combo to create another circle on the back side of the black vinyl, but this time… cut the vinyl on the INSIDE of the circle away.  This will leave you with a 4″ wide circular ring of black vinyl.  Glue this to the outside edge of the red vinyl circle, on top of the red.  Cut a slit, starting at one side of this circle to the center.  When you reach the center, cut a circle (in the center) apx. 3″ in diameter (which will encircle the Christmas tree stem).  Finish by gluing the white trim (see photo above).  Finally, cut one extra (apx.) 6″ x 3″ strip of black vinyl to feed through the buckle and glue this buckle/vinyl combo to one side of the slit, on top of the black vinyl ring.  This year, I didn’t want the entire skirt trimmed in white fur, so I removed it and as you can see in the (left) photo, it created a slightly less whimsical version to match my tree look this year.

In The Seasonal Home kitchen, I don’t like to use tree skirts because it’s my busiest room and the floor is washed quite often.  And this year, I’m using my flat-back wall tree (which is basically half of a Christmas tree), so the idea I came up with worked perfectly!  This would work well with a slim profile tree also because they also stand close to the wall.

Instead of putting the tree in its stand, I added a Styrofoam topper to a tall, slim, container, which I “weighted” inside (filling it 1/2 full with rocks) for stability.  I placed the pointed tree stem through the Styrofoam until I hit the rock base inside and then, placed it up against the wall.

Next, I tucked the top flaps of a box inside (the box), taped them down and cut a slit in one end (to accommodate the Christmas tree stem).  Finally, I gift-wrapped the box, coordinating with my tree’s color scheme, lifted the tree container slightly, slid the wrapped box under it and snugly against the wall.  I added a large bow to fill in the gap between the tree bottom & box top to complete the wrapped gift box idea.  Here’s the finished product….

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 00:11:33

    What a clever idea! I love the red and white tree -so festive!


  2. Barbara
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 00:12:21

    What a clever idea! I love the red and white tree – so festive!! Ho – Ho – Ho!!


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