Halloween 2011

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The Seasonal Home is decked out in it’s Halloween best and this year, it’s a little S-P-O-O-K-Y!

In my previous post, I showed you an inexpensive fireplace idea.  I was inspired by the Crow (on the mantel), so I spread a few more around the room, beginning with my french doors.    I found a generous package of 15 die-cut paper Crows at The Dollar Tree and with a little double-sided tape, I used them to create the old design trick of bringing the outside in.    

This would also be a fun idea to use in front door sidelights or window.

And below, in The Seasonal Home’s built-in cabinet, I purchased a few Dollar Tree crows and dressed them up, for Halloween, in little witches hats…


If this look is too plain for you, consider what I tried next… also from the Dollar Tree!    Inspired by this idea (I found on the net), I decided to add a background to THE SEASONAL HOME’s built-in cabinet.  Using newspaper to create a pattern , I drew a tree and used it as a pattern to create a spooky tree on 2 pieces of black poster board.

Here’s how this look turned out –

The foyer in THE SEASONAL HOME has been transformed into a Magic Potion and Spell conjuring laboratory….  

And in the Living Room… some Fall and just a bit ‘o spooky –

THE SEASONAL HOME’s kitchen is ready for guests….

and the best part is…. I created a CANDY BAR this year!  I thought this would be a fun treat for the adult guests, I’m entertaining this season, to once again enjoy a little (retro) Trick or Treating fun.  I looked for the most inexpensive candies I could find (avoid a lot of chocolate to stay on budget) and used every jar I could find in my house and anyone elses (lol).  I purchased one (1) package of “blank” Halloween labels at Michaels Craft Store for under $4 (with coupon), and using my computer – typed my label wording in a spooky font, lined things up and ran a test print.  When I held the label up behind the piece of printer paper, I saw that my estimated font size was good & lined up perfectly, so I taped the label to the corner of my paper (using double-sided tape) and ran them through the printer,  one at a time.  Once I finished printing them all, I grabbed some twine from the garage, punched 2 holes in the top of each label, fed the twine through and knotted one end.  Next, I pulled it tight around the neck of each jar, fed it through the 2nd hole, knotted it, cut off any excess and in no time, my jars were labeled for very little cost. Check out the finished product and help yourself! 🙂

Enjoy the Creativity!


Grab a goodie bag to fill!

Who’s that standing in line for his share of the candy? Eeek!!!

Filling Apothecary Jars – without emptying your wallet

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Filling Apothecary or Glass Jars, for the seasons & holidays, is easy, especially if you’re using large items, like faux squash (for Fall) or ornaments (for Christmas), etc.  However, if you’re using a small filler, such as holiday candy (e.g. jelly beans, conversation hearts or candy corn), it can be quite pricey to completely fill up a 14″ tall jar like this one. 

But, I have an easy way to fake-fill these larger jars!  Simply roll-up poster board, thin cardboard or card stock into a cylinder-shape, measuring apx.  1/2″ less (in diameter) than the diameter of your Apothecary or Glass jar.  Trim the height (of the poster board cylinder) to a height apx. 1″ below the top of your jar (without the lid).  Stapling or using tape to hold your poster board dimensions will help it stay in place while you’re trying to accomplish the next step.  Insert your poster board cylinder into the jar, also placing a (slightly smaller – in diameter) container in the center of the poster board cylinder (I used a tupperware container), which will keep the poster board or card stock from collapsing under the weight of the candy as you fill the open 1/2″ space between the jar and cardboard.

Now, all you have to purchase is apx. ONE bag of candy to fill the void between the poster board and the side of the jar.

Another way you can accomplish this is to find a cylinder vase that is 1/2″ less (in diameter) and no taller than your jar.  If you are lucky enough to find that perfect of a fit, it is truly the best solution.


Creative FUN with Old Fashioned Apothecary Jars

I was inspired to add this post to my blog by one of the wonderful participants on my Facebook Community Page (THE SEASONAL HOME).  Like me, she is finding ways to create seasonal magic with the help of some old fashioned Apothecary Jars.

It used to be true that the only place you could find these vintage jars was in an antique shop, left over from a time when 5 & 10 cent store owners and compounding pharmacists utilized these versatile gems.  Later, homemakers put them to good use in the pantry for staples like flour, sugar, etc.   However, with their recent increase in popularity, home decor manufacturers have jumped on board and created replicas (of all types), which are showing up in stores, making them very easy to find.

What’s so great about these nostalgic jars is that they come in all sizes, colors, heights & widths and are typically, very reasonable (around $10+/-).  So basically, whatever your space and decor needs are, there’s a jar out there to match it!  I have about 7 or 8 different sizes and shapes and I use them to help me decorate for the seasons and for utilitarian purposes too.  Below are a few photos of my jars in use.  I hope they inspire you to try them out!


to view more detail

Fall Gourds

Display in Multiples!

Christmas Houses

Display a holiday ornament


Candy Container (creating an old-fashioned store-type of display)

Display a holiday house

Use your jar as part of a seasonal arrangement, on a shelf or table. This arrangement really brightens the bottom shelf of this foyer table.


Contain bath samples in your guest bath

Theme your jar contents to highlight a memorable photo

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WELCOMING FALL ~ A Front Entry Foyer Design

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Starting in late September, there’s nothing that makes me happier than coming home to the happy feeling of Fall.  I love being greeted at the front door by the ambiance of one of my favorite seasons, so I always make sure to create that Fall feeling in my foyer.  Although I change it every year, the photo below is one of my favorite designs.

In October, I like to change the look, by adding a few more ghostly items, to create a SPOOKY Welcome for our trick-or-treaters.  My favorite find (at JoAnns, etc.) last year was the removable, bejeweled spider webs that I temporarily adhered to my foyer mirror.  They work just like window clings and are removable.  It was such a subtle haunted touch!

(Removable) Spider Web “Clings” close-up

Below is a close-up view of some of the table detail.  Once again, I LOVE using my apothecary jars!  In this design, I added some glass eyeballs (Dept. 56) & in staying true to my budget-minded decorating, I picked them up in a post-Halloween sale at 90% off!  I found the spider cupcake and battery operated flame candle at a Hallmark card store (I’m sure you can pick both up on line – try ebay).  I’ve seen my cake dome in tons of stores, but I found mine at Home Goods (a discount home goods store that is part of the TJ Maxx and Marshalls store chain).  And finally, the spell book duo was from Hobby Lobby (www.hobbylobby.com).


oooooooo….. SPOOKY!

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