“NO-Cal” Chocolate Bunnies for Easter! (LOL)

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I admit that I have a few holiday collections, but this is one of my favorites… CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!

I have them in all sizes, as you can see in the photos below – from tiny to GIANT-size.  And these are the best kind because they are faux bunnies, so there are no calories.  A few years ago, I even found a lighted “Chocolate Bunny Factory” (by Department 56 – check ebay to purchase) that is an adorable addition to my growing collection.

Combining my bunnies (gathered in a basket) with my lighted house (set on top of a cake plate to create a more equal height and scale) and finishing it off with a cute “EASTER” sign I found at Target creates a cute and YUMMY fireplace mantel scene:

I also found a (faux) chocolate egg topiary –

and a wreath that is the perfect accent to my LARGEST Chocolate Bunny –

In this same room, I also have a few “non-chocolate” decorations –

I placed my white bunny cookie jar on a nest of Easter grass, in the center of a large bowl, and dotted the grass with a few faux chocolate eggs.

And I love my stone bunny, so I added some blue eggs to his bowl to pick up on one of the accent colors in my rug.

Have a wonderful & chocolate-y Easter!

Yellow, at Easter… it’s not just for “CHICKS” anymore!


Time to decorate for Easter!  And this year, I wanted a “HAPPY” color because it’s that time of year when everyone is ready for something new… Spring!  Pastels are pretty, but I wanted to choose something that would lift everyone’s spirits and “YELLOW” seems like the perfect color to accomplish that mission!

I know that yellow is typically paired with Easter “CHICKS”, but that would be too typical for someone like me…  so “BUNNIES” it is!  As I was spray painting my inexpensive clay pots white (as a primer) and then, yellow…

I couldn’t help but imagine how nice this painted pot would look with a textured rim.  I started looking around and thought of some great things (I had on hand) that would accomplish just that: rice, beans, bird seed, beads, ribbon, etc.    Because I already had some small yellow silk flowers on hand, I decided to use those –

which turned out great!   

Then, I got a little distracted thinking about what a nice, inexpensive gift container this pretty painted flower-pot would make… with a small Easter gift inside.  The first thing I placed in my new gift container was some pretty purple petunias.  Total cost for pot, paint, silk & real flowers – $5.00.  This would also be a nice “gift container” for a greenery plant; maybe an herb, like Rosemary or Parsley.  P.S. Don’t forget to include your best recipe that highlights the herb you are gifting!

For another gift idea, consider a “garden” theme!  Place garden gloves, gladioli bulbs, chapstick and sunscreen (all purchased at a dollar store, btw) and a a small jar of hand lotion.  Total Cost for pot, paint, flowers & items – $10.00

So, if your budget is tight, but you have some upcoming gift needs this Spring, I hope these inexpensive suggestions help.

Of course, I could continue coming up with more gift ideas, but it’s time to get back to decorating!

First, I spray painted 3 different sizes of the clay pots and stacked them (use styrofoam, plastic cups (hot glue these in place), sand, etc. inside each pot so the next pot will sit up higher inside the pot  beneath it).  Because I had decided to use some white bunny figurines (I already had), I decided to hot glue white daisies (found at Wal-Mart for 97 cents) to decorate 3 of my painted clay pots and a $1.00 roll of yellow & white gingham ribbon as an accent for the other 2.

I thought the yellow & white gingham ribbon might also make a nice “color” accent to my mantel.  So, using my hot glue gun, I put a few dots of glue – just enough to keep a length of my ribbon in place.  My mantel is painted in a high gloss paint, which is very forgiving and will allow me to peel off the hot glue, after Easter.  If your mantel’s surface is delicate, I would suggest that you use a safer product – removable velcro tabs (called COMMAND and made by 3M).  As you can see, the ribbon created a subtle, but nice accent and broke-up all of the white (of my mantel) –

I had no need to make a wreath this year because I found the perfect design at Old Time Pottery for less than $20 and added a wooden “WELCOME” white bunny sign I already had to it.  I also had an inexpensive white, yellow & green 6 foot daisy garland, which I laid across the front of the mantel, mixing in some plastic yellow & white Easter eggs, faux grass, (VERY) inexpensive fencing (from the DIY store) and a strand of carrot lights, all of which I’ve had for years. 

The orange BUNNY TREATS jar was an old Hallmark candy dish I got for free because the lid was missing, so I made lemonade out of lemons and popped a faux head of lettuce on top of it, but tied a bit of my gingham ribbon around it first, like a gift (for the bunnies, of course!)

The giant yellow daisies are a loan from my Creative Family Traditions and Ideas book displays. 

In the end, my total cost for this Spring’s design was $32.00 and I love the end result!  I hope you do too!

Don’t forget to check out my previous Spring and Easter decorations…. always done on a budget!  They can be found under the CATEGORIES of Spring and Easter, in the right hand column of this blog.  If you need an Easter gift, please check out my book.  Those ideas are all budget-minded too.



P.S.  If you don’t think lights make a difference, just check out how cozy the night view is:


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When it comes to choosing a pretty wreath to hang outside or in your home, normally you have 2 choices:  (1) make it yourself or (2) purchase a (typically) very expensive designer wreath.  But, I have a 3rd option (for you) that you may not have thought of.

Of course, you can make your own and theme it any way you want as I did in the 3 wreaths below, but….

…. if you want the look of a custom wreath (without the expense), check out your local craft and discount home stores for one that has “potential”.  Typically, wreaths in these stores are kind of sweet (in design), but nothing special.  In that case, you may think “what’s the point (even at a good price?)”   The solution: pump up the volume of something simple by making a wreath bow out of a vibrant, coordinated color and adding it to your discount store wreath.  It will make it pop and everyone will think you worked hard creating this masterpiece.  You can equate this idea to your easiest & most highly complimented recipe ~ it always works.  All that’s left to do is hang it up and say “thank you” for all the compliments!

Below is a wreath I found for only $16.99 at Old Time Pottery, a discount home store (to check locations: www.oldtimepottery.com).  All I did was add a vibrant bow (out of ribbon also found in Old Time Pottery’s ribbon section for only $3).  When doing this, always choose a ribbon color to match the color of a smaller or less dominant flower in the wreath to bring out “that” color, which is the same process artists use to choose matting when framing artwork.  This pretty wreath is going to look beautiful on my front door this spring, for $20 and very little effort!

Spring BURST ‘O FLOWERS Ball ~ for hanging!

Design/Image/Idea copyrighted by Creative Family Traditions. All rights reserved.

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This design is a very large ball of cheery flowers that will be “the unexpected”. Consider hanging it from a chandelier, in multiples along your front porch or suspended from the ceiling on each side of your fireplace.  I also think making 2 or more of these out of small styrofoam balls would give you the perfect size daisy balls to place on top of candlesticks.  These could then be used, in varying or same heights, along the center of a table, buffet, or simply clustered on a fireplace mantel or room accent table.  I can also picture several of these large floral balls suspended from the ceiling of a reception hall & repeated below, on tables, for the perfect Spring wedding.  You could actually use them for a wedding at any time of year by varying the flowers, i.e. roses, hydrangeas, etc…. the possibilities are endless!  This is one of my best designs (other than my Christmas ones, of course!) because of its versatility.  There are so many uses for this 1 design; it will give you tons of options from year to year or for different occasions!

You will need:

8” sytrofoam ball (make
sure you take your 40% off
coupon with you!)
48 – 4” silk Gerbera Daisies
Apx. 30” of ½” wide ribbon (for
4 yds. of 1-1/2” wired ribbon (for
bow), glue, pipe cleaner & u-
shaped wire (to secure ribbon)
Begin by tying the ½”ribbon into a knot, placing it on the top-center of the ball & securing it with a “u-shaped” wire & a little glue.  Using a wire cutter, leave apx. a 3” stem on each flower (see above photo) & push each stem into the styrofoam ball. Continue covering ball with flowers. Make bow, secure with pipe cleaner & attach to top of ball at the base of the hanging ribbon.  Below are 2 photos, showing 2 slightly different looks, featuring my daisy balls suspended in front of a fireplace for spring!

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BONUS IDEA, from my book:

When you make your flower choice, buy a few extras for this BONUS idea.   In my book, you will see how much I enjoy recycling everyday things and (inexpensively) turning them into something special.  In this idea, you’ll see just ONE of the ways I use glass jars… here, I filled my recycled glass jar with inexpensive jelly beans (from a dollar store) and placed a couple of extra flowers, from my daisy ball creation, down into the center.  It makes an adorable coordinating centerpiece or accent to your favorite holiday figurine!

CLICK ONHOME (above) to view all of my current ideas or choose your favorite season/holiday from the categories in the column on the right side of this BLOG Page. I’ll be adding ideas, photos & videos all the time, as each season approaches!

Versatile Table Centerpieces for Spring and Easter

Are you enjoying my ideas & designs?  Then, you’ll LOVE my book!  It’s original, full of amazing photos and even MORE decorating ideas.  It’s also entirely AMERICAN MADE and makes an AWESOME gift.  Your support is much appreciated! 🙂

This display idea can be used as a organic-style decoration on your dinner, buffet or coffee table at Easter. The squares of faux green grass are available at many craft stores (from 4”- 12” square) and range in price from $5-$14.

This fun green grass creates so much versatility for your Spring & Easter decorating! As you can see in the photo, I have loaded up 3 clay pots with the green stuff as a low centerpiece (low to create ease of conversation across the table.)
DIRECTIONS: If your container choice is deep (as in the clay pots pictured on the right), first fill them with green styrofoam blocks (cut to fit) to use up the excess depth. Place a 4” faux grass square in the center of the pot. Fill in any spots, where you can still see the green foam, with individual pieces of the faux grass, pulled from a spare square of grass. You can also add ribbon around the lip of each clay pot or even paint them. For a final decorative touch, tuck in flowers & Robin’s eggs throughout the grass.
BONUS IDEAS: position the pots on top of large faux leaves, usually available @ craft or floral supply stores, for an extra touch. Other faux grass container options: clay pot saucers, baskets, (handyman) rectangular aluminum mud pans (found in D.I.Y. stores) or planters of any shape or size.  If you want to add the faux chocolate bunnies into your design, they are easy to find at www.LillianVernon.com.
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