Recycling to create an Outdoor Chandelier

This is what I started with – a $4.98 chandelier from a thrift store

And here’s how I took it apart to turn it into an outdoor chandelier

Avoid rust (from moisture inside cups) by coating with hot glue and then time to paint!

Hang your new recycled creation wherever you need some beautiful, (non-electric) eco-friendly, outdoor lighting to create instant ambiance and…

ENJOY!   🙂

“Springy” Easter Kitchen & Chandelier

There are a lot of black (accents) in THE SEASONAL HOME kitchen.  That creates a slight decorating challenge for me, especially during the seasons & holidays, but one that I absolutely love!  There are a ton of colors that go great with black (lime, lemon, pumpkin, ruby, cornflower, lilac, etc.) and I am enjoying exploring them all.

For Spring and Easter, I am using yellow and green as my accent colors, in the form of  chicks and cabbage leaves.  I began with my black cabinets that I filled with a green soup tureen and other “cabbage” accents, alongside my bunnies (the silver couple are my fav).  I just had to add a little jelly bean display because it’s not Easter without jelly beans!

And I didn’t leave out my chandelier!  A few (faux) cabbage leaves, some chick-filled nests, a botanical garland, daisies and some black & white checked ribbon have transformed an ordinary light fixture into a Spring-y delight!



Chandelier Wreaths

I love to create the “unexpected” when I’m decorating for the holidays or seasons, and my guests love it too!

To create this “unexpected” look, make sure you choose a wreath that is light in weight.  This will be the one time you will WANT to check out the inexpensive wreaths because they are usually lightweight.  I cut 3 or 4 lengths of (non-wired) ribbon and tie them (in a knot) to the back side of the wreath, spacing them apart equally.   Then, I simply gather the other ends of the ribbon and intertwine them (through the chandelier chain) near the top of the chandelier.  I, then, tie them in a knot or use a pipe cleaner (extra ribbon or floral wire) to secure them to the top of my chandelier.  Finally, make a couple of bows and use those to hide the “knotted” mechanics, by placing them over this area on both the front & back.

Here is the fall version:

And here is a Christmas version.  NOTE that, in this version, I’ve added extra greenery, ornament balls and ribbon.  I’ve also used it to display my collection of Angel ornaments.  So let this design pull double duty for you, to highlight a grouping of ornaments as well.

Close-up, highlighting an ornament collection

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