My 2010 Christmas Video Tour

ENJOY this “musical” holiday spirit…

a tour of my home…

Christmas 2010!

(Don’t forget to turn up your speakers!) 🙂


Christmas 2010!

My decorations for 2010….  I hope you enjoy them.  I’ll be adding more photos as I take them.  The goal this year was to run the color “lime green” throughout the house.

Two reminders…. click on any photo for a larger view & watch this site to find out when the music video (that goes with these photos) will be up on YouTube!

FOYER - Toy theme

FOYER - Coordinated wreath

FAMILY ROOM - Let it Snow!

KITCHEN - Black & White Toile

KITCHEN - Cozy Bench for reading a Christmas Story to the little ones

KITCHEN - Garland Closeup

KITCHEN - Large wreath sign and a cute metal tree

KITCHEN - Penguins go with black & white perfectly!

LIVING ROOM - Secret Fairy Colony

LIVING ROOM _Tree Closeup

LIVING ROOM - Tree closeup, with Resident Fairy


LIVING ROOM - Tree Skirt Closeup

A “Creative” Gift for Christmas!

Recently, a fan of my new “How to Decorate a Tree for Christmas” DVD came up with such a great idea, after she watched the creative decorating ideas I added in among the basic decorating information.  It is such a simple and clever idea that I just had to share it with my readers.

This young woman has a couple of Aunts, for whom she buys Christmas gifts each year and she struggles for ideas every year.  But this year…  she hit the bull’s-eye!  Evidently, both of her Aunt’s holiday decorations have not been revamped in many years and are, therefore, looking a little tired.  So, she purchased each of them one of my DVDs along with the inexpensive supplies to create one of my easy decorating projects (featured in my DVD).    It has reawakened their creativity with new and easy inspiration.  And best of all, they had the instructions (in my DVD) and all of the necessary materials so they were able to dig into the project right away.  I thought this was very creative and thoughtful, so I’m passing it along for those of you who have similar gift situations/dilemmas.  Here’s a photo of the items she sent each Aunt:

Jazzy Snowman Christmas!

One of my favorite finds this year was at Hallmark… their jazzy-looking Snowman Band!  They’re battery-operated and wireless, so you can place them anywhere you want, which made my display idea SO easy to do!  And when you push their buttons, these 4 frosty band pals play the lead in 2 songs each while the others chime in, soon after.  Their cool hats & sunglasses made me think of a Chicago or N’oleans Jazz Band, so I went with that look, using some inexpensive scrapbook paper in the background, a few inexpensive trees and dollar store fencing.  I finished it off with 2 sets of lampposts I picked up at 60% off this weekend and my street corner jazz band scene came to life.  Along with the photos, I’ve added a video so you can enjoy the action…. what will they think of next?!


Stay Tuned to this blog... my 2010 Musical Christmas Holiday Video Tour should be posted on YouTube the week before Christmas... my gift to you! :- )


WELCOME Christmas!

I have always enjoyed the earthy tradition of using fruit to create organic holiday decor.  It’s very popular in Williamsburg, Virginia.  However, in Florida, using real fruit would quickly create a mess, once the heat began fermenting the fruit (LOL).  But, I didn’t let that stop me!  To make this decoration, I simply looked for realistic faux (fake) fruit and cut each piece in half, using a serrated (blade)  knife.   Then, I glued my fruit “halves” to an arch-shaped piece of styrofoam (I recycled from a box I received) and added some silk Magnolia leaves around the perimeter, to finish-off my design.  Of course, if you live in a colder climate, you could use real fruit to create the same look…. LUCKY! ;- )  (LOL)  Anyway, here’s a photo of my version, which I used to top a garland around my front door:


Stretching your Holiday Decorating Dollar

Most of you know, I love to re-purpose everyday things.  However, I also love to find “second” uses for my holiday items too –  especially if it means I won’t have to put away the everyday accents I have in my kitchen cabinets.   This year, I wrapped a large gift in a paper that coordinates with my black & white toile kitchen theme.  Until I gift someone (on Christmas day) with it, I will have the perfect decorative accent for this year’s theme!  Also in this photo, I have another easy decorating idea for you.  I needed a touch of my lime green accent color inside this cabinet (to break up the black & white) and didn’t have anything to use.  So, I popped one of my leftover lime green ornament balls on top of a silver candle stand… perfect!  I hope these ideas inspire you to look through your own decorations and around your home for themed holiday inspiration.  Happy decorating!

If you are enjoying my holiday decorating ideas and style, please check out my BRAND NEW “How to Decorate a Christmas Tree” DVD… hot off the press and available on this blog!  Here’s a preview: