Unique Easter Baskets!

Receiving an Easter Basket is so much fun for young children and I know some parents stop this gift-giving tradition once children reach their teens.  My children are grown, but I still love to give them a few goodies (mostly things they need) at Easter, like new toothbrushes, modest gifts cards (to help out with lunch on their tight budgets), etc.  And now that some of them have S.O.s (significant others – lol), I’m including them too!

Once kids reach their teenage years, it doesn’t make sense to hand them woven baskets, so I prefer putting their gifts into a container that is also useful, which then… becomes part of their gift.  In case this gifting idea works for your family as well, below are a few container suggestions that I’ve utilized in the past – as well as this years.  And here’s a helpful hint – if you choose a LARGE gift-container, simply use boxes, plastic bags, tissue paper, etc. to fill up the bottom,  so your gifts can rest near the top, on a bed of Easter grass.

Always keeping my budget in mind,  I never pay more than $5.00 for a container, so I keep an eye out for inexpensive or clearanced items, all year long.  Today, I walked into Walmart and they had just marked down their large, canvas totes (office supply dept.) to $3.50…. SOLD! 😉 [see it in use below].

Enjoy the Creativity!


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Over-the-shoulder Cooler

Lidded Storage Containers

Collapsible Canvas Storage & Insulated, Personalized Lunch Bag

Easter Basket Alternative #2

If you have an older child that you still enjoy creating an Easter basket for, it’s thrifty to utilize a “useful” container as the basket.  Last year, I used a self-closing storage container (https://seasonalhome.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/easter-basket-alternative/), but this year I chose an inexpensive insulated cooler.  It’s large, lead-free and closes up (with velcro tabs) for easy storage when not in use.  The cost was $10 (Walgreens).  And as you can see, the side pockets create great places to tuck some of the goodies.

[I filled up the excess room, in the bottom of the cooler, with a medium-sized FLAT RATE box from the post office.  That way, you only have to place a few small gifts inside]


A Sweet Easter Story-Basket

This is a gift idea I’d like to share with those of you who also have an elderly parent.

My Mom will be 87 in June and I am blessed that she is also healthy enough to enjoy living in her own apartment.  When my Dad was still with us, the two of them were so much in love with each other and always had a running joke (between them) that he was her “Baby Duck”… they even used a cartoon voice when they’d say it to each other.  It was hilarious and adorable!  Now that my Dad has passed, I have tried to make sure the holidays are cheerful for my Mom, so I made a tribute Easter Basket (for her) this year… a tribute to the L-O-V-E between she and my Dad – her Baby Duck.

Mom & her baby duck... my Dad

The basket has a pair of boy & girl rubber Baby Ducks (to represent each of them), also a vintage, porcelain Baby Duck Easter ornament (to represent their era & add a decoration to her apt. living area), a Baby Duck-shaped little bar of soap (something fun for her apt. bath), a plush Baby Duck named “CUDDLES” (to represent how my Dad loved to hug her), a Baby Duck plant spike (to go into the potted plant by her front door (so my Dad can help her “welcome” guests too) and finally a Baby Duck watering can (because she loves to tend to her many plants on her apt. porch).  And of course, I added a few Cadbury chocolate eggs to represent Spring’s new life.

Let’s face it… when our folks get in their 80’s, they don’t need a lot of “things”, but they love their “memories”.  And since that is what I and my book are all about, I wanted her Easter basket to reflect her memories.  So, if you want to make a little Easter basket for your parent(s), consider my idea (of creating a theme) to represent and celebrate a special part of their past .  I know my Mom’s going to love this… as a matter of fact, it will probably make her cry, but with tears of joy.

EXTREME Easter Egg Hunt

If you want to take your family’s Easter Egg Hunt to the next level, check out my family’s  Easter tradition!  All of the details are located in my book –  Creative Family Traditions and Ideas (preview here) alongside 60 other awesome ideas.  We have SO much FUN, exercise and the Prize Baskets are incredible, yet they don’t cost me anything to create, other than my time.  We NEVER have a “no-show” at our family event.  😉

Below you’ll see just some of our past fun, a few of our prize baskets and a short video from a past Easter.  So, check out the unique and totally creative ideas in my book and take YOUR family’s Easter get-together to the next level to create a lifetime of memories!

I found one!

Basket Theme: VERA BRADLEY "Relax"

Basket Theme: "ON THE GO!"

Basket Theme: "LET'S COOK-OUT!"

The Egg Hunt Begins!

Basket Theme: "VIDEO GAME FUN!"

Here are my 2011 prize baskets and remember…… they didn’t cost me one single dime to create (details in my book).  Click on any photo to view it in larger detail:

These themes were (l to r): ECO-FRIENDLY Basket, KIDS Basket, LET’S GO TO THE MOVIES Basket and VERA BRADLEY “LET’S TRAVEL!” Basket

And here are the 2012 baskets

(cost to me – $0):

The Themes are “CHOPPED” and “GIRL CAVE”….


And our GOLDEN EGG gift basket themes are “FUN OUTSIDE” and “FUN INSIDE”…



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Do you have an older child that you still enjoy gifting with a few goodies on Easter?  The typical Easter basket is perfect to fill for younger children, but seems kind of silly for older children.   I still “gift” my grown children on Easter (mostly with useful necessities), which made me realize that I should put them inside a “useful” container too!  The container I choose every year is part of the gift and I try to find something I know they can use.  In the photo above, you’ll see I used small, self-closing storage containers, which I kept closed by tying a ribbon around it (in a bow) and adding a coordinated “TO” tag I printed on my computer.  Of course, I continue to use Easter grass in between the little gifts inside to create a touch of nostalgia from their youth.  This is a great idea for those of you who want to send an Easter basket to an adult child who lives in another state (possibly away at college) or a soldier serving overseas.  They’ll LOVE this updated adult version and your thoughtfulness too!

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