“Springy” Easter Kitchen & Chandelier

There are a lot of black (accents) in THE SEASONAL HOME kitchen.  That creates a slight decorating challenge for me, especially during the seasons & holidays, but one that I absolutely love!  There are a ton of colors that go great with black (lime, lemon, pumpkin, ruby, cornflower, lilac, etc.) and I am enjoying exploring them all.

For Spring and Easter, I am using yellow and green as my accent colors, in the form of  chicks and cabbage leaves.  I began with my black cabinets that I filled with a green soup tureen and other “cabbage” accents, alongside my bunnies (the silver couple are my fav).  I just had to add a little jelly bean display because it’s not Easter without jelly beans!

And I didn’t leave out my chandelier!  A few (faux) cabbage leaves, some chick-filled nests, a botanical garland, daisies and some black & white checked ribbon have transformed an ordinary light fixture into a Spring-y delight!



Easter Photo Holders pull “Double Duty”

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A set of these sweet holders will be the 1st Prize in our Facebook EASTER CONTEST!

Now that the Easter decorations and kitchen cuties are beginning to show up on store shelves, don’t forget to check out photo holders because they can be decorative AND useful!  And many times, you’ll find several of them packaged together, which will save you a bundle (pardon the pun!)

Of course, you can use them for their intended purpose of displaying photos.  At THE SEASONAL HOME, we have a HUGE Easter Egg Hunt for the adults in our family, which they take very seriously.  When their hunt is over, I love to take photos of them counting their eggs.  It’s such a happy time for them (anticipating a potential WIN!), so a smile is easy to capture; plus, brightly-colored Easter Eggs make a beautiful accent in any photo!  One year, I realized I had several “similar” photos like this, so I utilized my Chocolate Bunny photo holders to create an “Egg Hunt” themed Easter display.  They loved it!

I also use holiday photo holders to label food & drink, to make sure my guests avoid potential allergy issues

or other special diet notations

to label any drinks (like coffee) that contain special flavors or caffeine

and if you make two (2) different versions of the same dessert, these make labeling them easy!

Check out my FRUIT COBBLER recipe under the RECIPE tab above

So, don’t overlook these always adorable and useful holders because they can help you decorate for the season or holiday, while also being considerate of your guests.  And best of all –  after the party is over, you can place them in a ziploc baggy to tuck away for next year or (if you keep the artwork generic) for your next party!