Easter Basket Alternative #2

If you have an older child that you still enjoy creating an Easter basket for, it’s thrifty to utilize a “useful” container as the basket.  Last year, I used a self-closing storage container (https://seasonalhome.wordpress.com/2010/02/16/easter-basket-alternative/), but this year I chose an inexpensive insulated cooler.  It’s large, lead-free and closes up (with velcro tabs) for easy storage when not in use.  The cost was $10 (Walgreens).  And as you can see, the side pockets create great places to tuck some of the goodies.

[I filled up the excess room, in the bottom of the cooler, with a medium-sized FLAT RATE box from the post office.  That way, you only have to place a few small gifts inside]


The Easter Yard ~ 2011

Big Eggs and a new, filled Goat Cart… THE SEASONAL HOME is ready for the BIG HUNT!


This post comes (to you) from one of my Facebook Community Fans who was kind enough to let me share her great craft project (thanks Beth!).  Like so many, she loves decorating with the faux (fake) Chocolate Bunnies during the Easter season, but agrees that they are hard to find in the stores because shoppers snap them up so quickly!  So, thanks to Beth, you can create your own and BONUS… they’re easy to make!  Less trouble than a batch of cookies.  And if you don’t have a BUNNY candy mold, that should be easy to find in your local craft store or try the cake baking dept. of any discount “mart” store.  Have fun creating!! 🙂



As my readers have seen (in previous posts), although they’re a little rustic, I’ve had so much fun utilizing my footed planters almost every season.  I love to recycle & re-purpose my seasonal decorations to save money.  So, once I decided to use them for Easter too, as always, I didn’t want to put too much money into the decoration.  Like everyone else, I’m watching my pennies.  It all worked out though once I decided to change the color scheme of my family room decor and then, came across these cool 8″ & 14″ Chinese egg lanterns for only $2.00 each.

Usually, I place multi-colored flowers around my huge homemade Easter tree, as you can see in this photo:

Check out my BOOK for details on how I made this HUGE tree!

But as I mentioned, I created a new (sunny, yellow bunny) theme in my family room (check out that post too – https://seasonalhome.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/yellow-at-easter-its-not-just-for-chicks-anymore/), so I also changed out the multi-colored flowers for yellow & white.  Making this change made them available for use in my outdoor display.  And of course, once I found the inexpensive egg lanterns (pictured above), my inspiration and idea was complete… on a budget, as always!

First, I added some recycled styrofoam to the inside of my planters to help me secure my flower stems and egg lanterns.  Also, knowing my eggs would be tall and lightweight, I thought it would be a good idea to add a recycled piece of PVC pipe (shhh!  don’t tell my hubby that I raided his sprinkler system stash of these).  Once I inserted the PVC pipe through the center of my styrofoam, I used my glue gun to add hot glue to the bottom inside the planter, where the PVC pipe meets the bottom (of the planter) and between the PVC pipe and styrofoam, to add more stability.

I also decided that I wanted a little more display bang for my dollar.  So, before I put my egg lanterns in place, I threaded a strand of white-wire Christmas lights (FREE, since I already had them!) through both of them and secured the female end of the plug to the smaller egg so the light strand wouldn’t slip back down.  That way, I can light my egg topiary at night to double my decorating dollar!

Next, I fed the PVC pipe through both of my (8″ & 12″) egg lanterns and used floral pins to secure the bottom egg to the styrofoam (inside the planter)  and then, used a little bit of low-temp hot glue to keep the eggs together.

Finally, I added the florals (recycled from my indoor Easter Tree) around the base of the eggs and my egg topiary was complete.    I made 2 and placed them on both sides of my front door. Cost, to me, to create these decorations – $8.00.

I also hung a few more along my front porch eaves to bring the look out even further.  I thought “at only $2 each, why not?!” 😉

I have a small, wrought iron table on the same porch, on which I made a sweet rustic bird display.  If you check out some of my older posts, you’ll recognize all of these items (from previous designs) too.



EXTREME Easter Egg Hunt

If you want to take your family’s Easter Egg Hunt to the next level, check out my family’s  Easter tradition!  All of the details are located in my book –  Creative Family Traditions and Ideas (preview here) alongside 60 other awesome ideas.  We have SO much FUN, exercise and the Prize Baskets are incredible, yet they don’t cost me anything to create, other than my time.  We NEVER have a “no-show” at our family event.  😉

Below you’ll see just some of our past fun, a few of our prize baskets and a short video from a past Easter.  So, check out the unique and totally creative ideas in my book and take YOUR family’s Easter get-together to the next level to create a lifetime of memories!

I found one!

Basket Theme: VERA BRADLEY "Relax"

Basket Theme: "ON THE GO!"

Basket Theme: "LET'S COOK-OUT!"

The Egg Hunt Begins!

Basket Theme: "VIDEO GAME FUN!"

Here are my 2011 prize baskets and remember…… they didn’t cost me one single dime to create (details in my book).  Click on any photo to view it in larger detail:

These themes were (l to r): ECO-FRIENDLY Basket, KIDS Basket, LET’S GO TO THE MOVIES Basket and VERA BRADLEY “LET’S TRAVEL!” Basket

And here are the 2012 baskets

(cost to me – $0):

The Themes are “CHOPPED” and “GIRL CAVE”….


And our GOLDEN EGG gift basket themes are “FUN OUTSIDE” and “FUN INSIDE”…


Fun New Easter Candy for 2011

I love to look at all of the new seasonal offerings in the store, especially during Spring.  And it always amazes me to see what manufacturers come up with!  I find myself thinking “Wow!  I can’t believe no one thought of that (the product) before!”  Here are 2 of this year’s offerings, both of which I found at Target.  I know this stuff is pure sugar, but once a year, it’s fun to indulge…. just a little. 😉

For those of you who can never make up your mind about which PEEP flavor is best, they have “Peeps on a Stick” this year, featuring 4 different flavors/colors.  And if you are the Easter “Hostess with the Mostest”, you might enjoy using the edible Easter Grass to create something similar to the photo below.  I think you might find the edible grass much easier to work with – after all, it’s already peeled into strands for you! (LOL)

This nest was made out of black licorice (delish.com)

A beautiful garden on the 1st day of SPRING

I just couldn’t resist wishing all of my readers, subscribers, followers, fans and sponsors a “Happy Spring” on this 1st day of one of my favorite seasons.  I know a lot of you have had a tough winter and year, so I hope this little bit of nature in bloom brings provides you with the inspiration to begin your own new (plant) life in your gardens or patio containers…  as soon as it’s possible, of course.

My regular blog viewers are familiar with how I love to design and decorate on a budget.  I’m always happiest when I’m creating something out of nothing.  This beautiful garden design idea completely qualifies because this is my neighbor’s handiwork… ha ha… completely FREE for me to look at and admire, so I’m sharing with you – ENJOY!  🙂

This vintage wheelbarrow was a gift from one of their relatives, as a rememberance, so it is a very special part of their design, every season


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