A Snowman Breakfast

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Often, I receive requests for fundraiser donations and here’s one that turned out cute, so I’m sharing! 🙂  And I’m posting this holiday gift idea early so you’ll have time to gather the ingredients.

This would be a great gift (basket) for a family, like a relative, friend or neighbor that you want to “gift” with a new tradition.  This idea started when I came across a set of very reasonably-priced, Snowman themed dishes (by Debbie Mumm), titled “Snowflake” & “Snowman”.  P.S. they’re on the internet (eBay) if you like them too.

I thought about how hard it is to corral young ones at the breakfast table (Christmas morning) with so many wonderful gifts tempting them under the tree.  But, I think this “Snowman Breakfast” idea could solve that problem by creating FUN and MEMORIES!  The basket contents provide the main items a family would need to make & serve Snowman-shaped Chocolate Chip pancakes on Christmas morning, followed by a cozy, winter beverage.  YUM!  What child could resist, and this would be a fun, Christmas morning tradition for a family to enjoy for years to come! 

In the basket, I placed:

Not shown in basket:

And here’s the finished product:

Enjoy the Creativity!


Easy S’more Amore’!

It’s SUMMER!  And that means… trips to the beach, cookouts and camping trips.  What do all 3 of those activities have in common – roasting marshmallows and making S’mores! 

Lately, things seems to be getting BIGGER and evidently marshmallows aren’t any exception.  I found 2 new fun products in the store.

One is this package of GIANT ROASTER MARSHMALLOWS.  These are definitely big (think Stay Puff Marshmallow Man) and would be much easier to skewer AND remove after the trusty campfire has worked its magic!  At the very least, they’ll make your edible Snowman creations much easier, this Christmas!

Click on photo for AllRecipe.com directions

And if you enjoy making S’mores, then here’s the perfect product for those (are you also asking yourself why no one thought of these before?)… STACKER MARSHMALLOWS!

CLICK for s'more ideas on KRAFT.com

Just imagine how easy this product will make your next batch of S’mores.

Finally, if you’re planning a Summer dinner party instead of a cookout, consider the Adult S’more recipe I found in the Recipe Box of http://www.hwtm.com (right click on any of the website-linked photos to choose “open in new window” so you won’t leave this page):

CLICK on photo for recipe at hwtm.com

Enjoy the Creativity!