For years, I’ve been an invited speaker by M.O.P.S., Schools and various other groups, in the Central Florida area, and have finally created a DVD (of my presentation) to make it available across the nation.
My Presentation is based on my book (Creative Family Traditions and Ideas) and focuses on the importance of incorporating traditions into family life – explaining how practicing them will grow loving and considerate adults.  During the presentation, I explain that there are 4 types of traditions (Holidays, Intermittent, R.E.A.L. “random, everyday acts of love” and the tradition of “self”) and share creative examples of each, as inspiration.
My presentation on DVD is complimentary with a wholesale order of 10 of my books (minimum), which groups then sell to raise money for themselves.  Basically, it’s a great fundraiser, PLUS the benefit of a FREE inspirational presentation!
My Book is adorable and an easy read full of colorful graphics and hundreds of beautiful photos (I’m a visual learner, so that was a “must”! lol)   The book also has fabulous presentation, including lots of fun “extras” like…  seasonal design ideas, 3-D gems (on the cover), a ribbon embellishment, built-in book mark and each book comes in a protective, plastic sleeve.
 So, if you think this is something your group may be interested in, please feel free to contact me ( for further details.   And if you don’t mind… please let other groups know so I may spread my message of the importance of practicing family traditions.
Thanks for your interest!


P.S.  Of course, if you’re only interested in my book for yourself and/or someone else special in your life, they’re available in my SHOP (link located in the top toolbar).  And if you’d like for me to sign it and/or dedicate it to someone, just let me know!

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