“Gender Reveal” Cakes

This is such a cute trend, that I just had to write a post about it.  It’s a super-unique way for parents-to-be to share the moment they find out the gender of their (unborn) child with family & friends.   It’s perfect for baby showers, as well as a fun way to let Grandparents in on the secret.   Here’s how it works:

Parents-to-be who wish to find out the gender of their child before he or she is born simply provide their doctor with the phone number of the baker who is preparing their baby shower or Grandparent cake.  Then, once their doctor determines the gender of the child, they or a staff member calls the baker to let them know.   The baker then prepares the cake, adding either pink or blue food color to the cake mix and then, frosts it as they normally would or with fun questions marks, etc..   No one knows the gender of the child-to-be until the cake is cut and then everyone finds out at the same time.  It’s such a heartfelt idea… I love it!

Here’s a video I found on YouTube that shows a couple finding out the gender of their baby, along with family & friends:

Making MORE Memories!

I am firm believer that children, and people in general, remember what you DO much more than what you give.  Because of this philosophy, I receive many requests to create gift baskets filled with items that help us make memories with family and/or friends.  If you would also like to make one of these, here’s how I build one:

I use my book (Creative Family Traditions and Ideas) as the foundation for each basket because it has ideas useful in many different types of  relationships, including simple friendships.  Next, I search out other manufacturers who also sell products encouraging us to focus on the “M” word…. MEMORIES…  not money and include those, thereby supporting my book as well as the products of other deserving companies.  Finally, rather than place the items in a typical basket, I search for “useful” containers.  Before you know it, I have a gift filled with fun and useful items for creating memories or at the very least – items that make life easier for the recipient.

On an even HAPPIER note ~ When I wrote my book, I discovered that raising 4 children on an extremely tight budget provided me with a true “gift”.  Necessity being the mother of invention, my circumstances helped me become creative – teaching me how to spend “time” (on my children).  I developed clever traditions, ideas and problem solvers as well as ways to reinvent new uses for everyday items.  All of my efforts made them feel loved and special.  And now that they are amazing & creative adults themselves, I realize that they benefited tremendously from my situation!  Coming to that conclusion makes me even happier because I realize that today’s tough economic hardships may actually have a silver lining… it gives me hope for the future adults of today’s struggling parents.  I applaud the parents who roll with the punches and dig deep to find their own FREE creativity to “spend” on their children.  I wish I could give every one of them a HUGE HUG and tell them to hang in there.  I want them to know that the end result can be positive and wonderful!

[check out BABY’S 1st GIFT post as well as the 2 baskets (below) that I created for a fund-raiser, this week]




My table o' goodies I bring to share with the many "eager-to-learn" moms at my presentations.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been speaking to groups about creating traditions with their families and friends and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many wonderful and involved Moms along the way!  I am truly amazed and thrilled to find that today’s parents still manage to find time to care so much about making memories, despite their incredibly busy lives.  It makes me very happy for their lucky children and I happily share my own creative ideas with them.

At this week’s presentation, to another awesome group of Moms, I kicked off the very first ANNIVERSARY SALE of my book.   The response was so wonderful, that I have decided to extend that SALE to the rest of my friends, followers and readers.

So, pull out your gift list to consider who, on it, would enjoy receiving a unique and creative gift, like my book (Creative Family Traditions and Ideas).  Coming up with 4 people you need gifts for should be easy AND by doing so… you will get YOUR BOOK FOR FREE!!!  Why?  My ANNIVERSARY SALE is: Buy 4, Get 1 FREE!!!!Enjoy the sale, while it lasts….

Consider my book as a

Holiday or Everyday Gift for:

    • Mom-friends
    • Sisters
    • Sister-in-Laws
    • Expecting Parents
    • New Parents (GREAT Starter Idea Book!)
    • Baby Shower Gift
    • Cousins
    • Aunts
    • Nieces
    • Pre-School and Elementary Teachers
    • Co-Worker Parents
    • Neighbor Moms

A recent review of my book:

As my kids are getting older, I have been trying to come up with other fun and memorable traditions without much luck because I am simply not that creative. Thankfully, Eileen Bickerstaff has come to my rescue with her book, “Creative Family Traditions & Ideas.”  It is literally packed with ideas for every occasion including birthdays, Easter, Summertime, Halloween, Christmas and so many that I can’t even begin to list it all.

The photos are fantastic….there is a “Spooky Halloween” dinner picture that is so beautiful and inspiring that I am already beginning to plan our own surprise dinner for the kids on Halloween night. They will LOVE it. As a mom on a budget, I especially appreciated that many of the decorations used in the picture are actually from discount stores so it won’t cost a lot of money. The author really focuses on fun and appealing ideas that are inexpensive without compromising on taste.

With the holidays approaching I can’t wait to get inspired even more by all of the Christmas ideas from “Lighting the Path” to the “Holiday Chore Exchange.”  The author even has a website where you can view sample content from the book and listen to a You Tube Video to learn more about the meaning behind the book and get even more ideas.

Before we know it our children will be grown and starting families of their own. Wouldn’t it be really neat to have your very own special family traditions? If you need a little help with ideas don’t hesitate and purchase “Creative Family Traditions and Ideas”  by Eileen Bickerstaff and get started making memories today!

Baby’s First Gift

If you know someone who is about to or has just had a baby, I have a wonderful gift suggestion…

Most people purchase outfits, toys, necessities… you know, the “usual” new baby gifts.  My suggestion to you is to give the “unusual”!  Because my book is full of SO MANY wonderful ideas for making memories, it makes an excellent Beginner Manual of Ideas for New Parents.  Especially around the holidays, new parents are so excited to begin making memories with their child and YOU can provide them with the perfect head start.

In this gift basket, I placed:

  • My Book (Creative Family Traditions and Ideas)
  • Baby’s 1st Teddy Bear
  • Baby’s Memory Book (for recording all the “Firsts” in Baby’s life)
  • Parent Journal (my personal favorite tradition in my book)
  • Photo Frame to display “Baby’s 1st Birthday” picture
  • Hallmark “Baby’s 1st Christmas” Keepsake Ornament

I tucked all of these adorable, color-coordinated, Memory-making goodies inside a very usable basket.  For under $50, this gift contains everything a parent needs to celebrate and record their child’s life and memories.  What a SPECIAL gift to bring to a Baby Shower or on your first visit with the New Arrival… they’ll never forget your “unique” gift!