FALL, HALLOWEEN & THANKSGIVING – 3 Looks in 5 minutes or less!

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This may sound strange, but for me… FALL is a tough time of year, when it comes to decorating.  It’s hard to decide whether I want to be surrounded by a Fall, Halloween or Harvest (Thanksgiving) look because I love all 3!  Good news though because, this year, I came up with a solution!  And although I created these looks for my fireplace, I think they would be a great “fit” for a foyer too.

To start, I kept it simple, using…

  • Inexpensive, fall garlands (doubled for a fuller look) with 2 strands of orange lights added-in for warmth & whimsy.
  • (Faux) pumpkins & gourds of all sizes [Hint: I finally own a collection of these because I bought them after they were placed on clearance, and you’ll find small ones at dollar stores]
  • Pumpkin-filled wreath
  • 2 bunches of gathered twigs that I added twine & fall leaves to after spraying them with a Wood Tone Spray Paint (can of diluted, brown spray paint, available at craft stores) by Design Master
  • 2 orange candles on black candlesticks (both found on clearance.  Shop for orange candles during Christmas time & don’t forget, if a bargain candlestick is not the color you need… paint it!)
  • F-A-L-L sign (letters painted on wood blocks).

So, this created a beautiful Fall feel and the base for my Halloween AND Thanksgiving decor too!

A fun whimsical touch that I also added to this look  –  Fall leaves hanging on fishing line, at various lengths, which I taped underneath the mantle to create a “falling leaf” look.  Also in this photo, you’ll spot Brick Clips being used to hang up my F-A-L-L sign, suspended from fishing line.  If you want to hang something from a 2 to 2-1/2″ brick (inside or out), these blend in really well & work great!  You’ll find them in most DIY & discount dept. stores.

The next look is Halloween and I changed or added a total of 6 things to create it:  (1) replaced the orange candles with 2 Spider themed ones.  (Check out my STORE , if you’d like to purchase some of these items)

(2) placed an orange spider web in the center of the wreath…

  (3) exchanged the fall leaves (hanging from the mantle, on fishing line) with black spiders and (4) replaced the F-A-L-L sign with a Halloween one featuring a black crow and the word “NEVERMORE”…

(5) added black (dollar store) crows on top of a few of the pumpkins (a hidden piece of packing tape is your friend here, to keep the crows in place! lol)

and finally… (6) turned around the center pumpkin because it is actually a lighted, faux Jack ‘o Lantern!  For the original Fall look, I wanted to display it as a regular pumpkin, so I used packing tape on the back of a leaf and placed it over the hole (to hide) where the single light bulb is usually inserted (p.s. a leaf lying on a random pumpkin is what actually gave me the idea that leaves should be falling from the mantel and the fishing line idea was born!)


For the Halloween look, I removed the Fall leaf, flipped the pumpkin around (to the Jack side), and plugged the light cord into the light strand (already in the Fall garland) –  adding the perfect, final touch to my 5-minute Halloween makeover!

For Thanksgiving, I basically put back the Fall look, but added a Pilgrim couple (also in my store)  in 2 different locations – the center of the wreath and on the mantel, among the leaves.  See which one you like best…

So, there you have it – 3 Fall designs where changing the original won’t take you more than 5 minutes, each time.  Have fun decorating and…



The “THANKFUL” Notes

There are a lot of people going through tough times right now.   That fact made me realize that many people could use a little “feel good” moment and Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion.  So, I designed the following page of “Thankful” Notes for you to print and either mail ahead of time (locally should take 1 day) or hand-out as your family’s Thanksgiving guests arrive.  I would tell each of your guests to keep the “AUTHOR” anonymous so they feel free to express themselves in a generous and yes, gushy manner, if they want to.   The instructions are included, so why not print something that, when filled out and given, will make someone feel good (about themselves) heading into this beautiful holiday season!   Here’s the link to the full, printable version: https://seasonalhome.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/thankful-slips.jpg

Thanksgiving Tablecloth “makes memories!”

This idea, for a new family tradition at Thanksgiving, will bring tons of memories rushing back each year that it’s brought out.  And even better… it’s very simple to do.

To begin:  purchase a new, light-colored tablecloth and some permanent markers, in Fall colors.  After you set your table, for Thanksgiving dinner, scatter the pens across the length (of the table) so everyone can reach them.  Encourage your family and guests to write a personal note, which they should also sign and date.  Suggest that they write something like:

  • something for which they are thankful
  • something they accomplished during the year
  • someONE they are grateful for
  • something (like a special event) they would like to remember

As the messages accumulate, from year-to-year, your family and invited guests will thoroughly enjoy re-visiting their own past  notes, and those of everyone else, as they each add a new one for the current year.  Your inexpensive Thanksgiving tablecloth will become a true time capsule and a treasured keepsake to pass down through the family for years!  A final thought… be sure to place a liner under the tablecloth or sheet to protect your table from marker residue.

Personally…. I’m grateful for all of my wonderful readers and for the overwhelming response I received to my DVD release… thank you all for your support!