Back-to-School “Teacher Gift”

Want to start the year off right with a new teacher?  Then, don’t wait until the END of the year to give them a little gift… do it now, at the beginning!

I know – giving a “year-end” gift is the usual tradition most people practice and it’s certainly well-deserved, especially by that point, because of the countless hours they’ve spent nurturing students all year-long.  But, if you also consider a reasonably priced and useful gift on “Day 1”, your thoughtfulness will surprise them and show your eagerness to establish a good relationship (right away), thereby setting a positive tone for the entire school year. 😉

And here’s my (useful) gift suggestion…. a lunch kit!  This kit idea came to me when I had to come up with a “thank you” gift for 2 VIPs I recently helped host at a charity event.  Both of these ladies are hard working career women and I know a lot of people are watching their diets today by making & taking their lunch to work.  So, I thought a gift of lunch necessities and recipe ideas would be something they would appreciate and actually use!  The kit consisted of: an insulated, re-closeable lunch bag with their name attached (I used a Vera Bradley luggage tag for this  *found on clearance!*, which created a dual purpose BONUS GIFT!), creative lunch ideas cook book, package of napkins, 2 unique & reusable food containers and for those stressful days… some snacks & gum.  Cost: less than $20.  Value:  Priceless!

MORE IDEAS!  You could also add S & P shakers (I found a bright, polka-dotted pair at Walgreens for $1.49!), yogurt bars, instant drink mixes (like Starbucks VIA and Nestea Blueberry Pomegranate & Honey), recycled & reusable bamboo utensils, etc.  And if you find out they are on a restrictive diet (Gluten free, etc.), you can probably locate a cook book with those recipes.  Whatever you choose, keep in mind that a co-worker, relative, friend or sibling would also love to receive a gift like this!

P.S.  Click HERE to check out my Back-to-School Wreath too!

Enjoy the Creativity!


A+ Treasure for an A+ Teacher

Make and display my sweet Back-to-School wreath in your own home until school starts and then give it to a deserving educator to display in their classroom. They’ll love you AND your creativity!

Also, please keep it in mind that some teachers struggle to purchase school supplies as much as parents do, for their children.  I love to stop by my local school early in the summer to donate an armful of bulletin board and room decorations (which the Dollar Tree now carries) as well as a few other inexpensive supplies. Imagine the relief a brand new or struggling teacher might feel to receive your anonymously donated goodies!

CLICK on photo to view Wreath details

You will need:

  • 24-36” Grapevine Wreath
  • 5 yards of Red and White Gingham Wired Ribbon
  • Silk Greenery
  • White Silk Daisies
  • Preserved Plumosis Fern
  • Artificial Red Berry Clusters
  • Unfinished Chalk Board (available at discount or craft stores)
  • Acrylic White Craft Paint
  • Acrylic White Dimensional Craft Paint (with pointed dispenser cap)
  • School-theme Wood Miniatures
  • Low-melt Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Thin-gauge Wire


Paint the frame around the chalkboard white. Using the dimensional paint, draw “1 + 1 = 2” and “ABC” on the chalkboard surface. While that is drying, use the glue gun to attach the silk greenery around the entire front side of the wreath. Next, create 2 bows (1 larger & with longer tails than the other) from the wired ribbon. Cut 2 pieces of thin wire, long enough to keep the created bows together and attach them to the wreath.
Attach the larger bow to the wreath at (picturing the face of a clock) 1:00, attach the smaller bow at 5:30.  Attach the wood, school theme miniatures to the (now dry) chalkboard and glue it to the 9:00 area on the front of the wreath. Hot glue the fern, flowers and berries throughout the wreath’s open, unbowed areas and you’re done!

Later in the school year, maybe around the holidays, you could gift your child’s teacher with a few small, silver frames (from your local Dollar Tree store), in which you’ve inserted photos that reflect fun or special moments with her class.  Then, these can then be wired on to the wreath (be sure every student is reflected in a photo).  Doing this will automatically recycle your wreath gift, making it seem brand new to the teacher as well as her class and you’ll be the star for very little money!