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I’ve completed the move to my new website, located at http://www.TheSeasonalHome.com and, last week, posted an Easter/Spring idea, titled “Cabbages and Carrots… for Spring and Easter”. If you did not receive notification about this blog post, please accept my apology for our growing pains.  And because I don’t want you to be left out of future blog posts, please either:

1)  Let me know by email (Eileen@TheSeasonalHome.com) so I can add you, or

2)  Head over to http://www.TheSeasonalHome.com and re-enter your email address (in the box) near the bottom of the HOME page, where you see: Subscribe to receive blog posts by email

Thank you!


We Have Moved! :-)



The Seasonal Home has launched a new website!!!

For the last 4 years,

I’ve been blogging at http://www.seasonalhome.wordpress.com

but now, you’ll find me at:


Click on the yellow button (above) to come take a peek at my website and its fun,


  • No more scrolling through a long roll of blog posts – simply choose your favorite CATEGORY from 29 Photo Buttons
  • Ideas at a glance! Once you click-on a CATEGORY, you’ll find a list of my ideas for that topic. We are still adding
    “at a glance” photos for each idea, so please pardon our dust.
  • Photos of my most recent 4 blog posts will be continually scrolling across the top of the HOME page, so you can click on them.
  • Next to the current posts will be a short list of the day’s MOST POPULAR posts
  • Buttons, leading you to all my Social Media sites, now located at the bottom of every page:



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(for more weekly inspiration and Prize Contests)
  • Share your COMMENTS and QUESTIONS using my new email address: Eileen@TheSeasonalHome.com

If you’ve already signed up to receive my blog posts by email, we are working hard to make sure that information transfers correctly.  However, if you do not receive a SPRING/EASTER idea this week, please make sure your inspiration is uninterrupted by going to our new site (www.TheSeasonalHome.com) to re-enter your email address where you see “Subscribe to receive blog posts by email“.

I’ll see you there!


P.S.  By the way, if you like my new site, it was created by http://www.Max Lutz.com, a talented website designer!  You’ll find his website link on my HOME page too.