Shabby Chic Valentine Fireplace

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Time to decorate the fireplace for Valentine’s Day!

It can look so much nicer to hang something large and Valentine themed over (and under) a mantel full of decorations because it enlarges the look of your festive display.  But, one problem is that Valentine themed art is very hard to find and can be expensive so why not create your own?

Step 1 – search your local thrift store for a wooden frame.

A wooden frame can be any color because it’s easy to paint.  I found this one last year (it was a dirty, dusty brown color) and painted it white to create a shabby chic look to use in some Spring themed decor.

For Valentine’s Day, I added a red, beaded garland (using spots of hot glue, here & there to secure it) to the frame temporarily and displayed a lightweight wreath of roses from a bow and ribbon in the center of the open frame.  Viola!

HELPFUL HINT:  I hung the frame on an existing nail, but you could also attach the bow to the top of the frame and lean it against the wall.

s_fireplace frame_closeup

LIVING ROOM - Tree Skirt Closeup

Step 2 – “new-purpose” old decorations!

A common thread you will notice in my style of decorating is that I re-use (or “new-purpose”) decorations I already own and many times, for a different holiday!  Do you remember the faux fern I used to border the snow under my Fairy themed Christmas tree a couple of years ago?  Check out how nice it looks along the back of the mantel with last year’s Dollar Store roses and a $1.00/pkg. of pink, glittered hearts (Dollar Tree) tucked in.  It serves as a beautiful backdrop to my sweet Cupid, 2 heart-shaped topiaries and faux rose petals on the mantel.

Roses with Lime Green (Residential Client)

And just in case you were wondering how roses might look on a tree, for Christmas, check out the rose-themed tree I designed for a client.

Also, if you have a large Valentine sign (like this “BE MINE” from Home Goods), you can use it to decorate the front of a mantel, by removing the hanger and using “Tack-it” (temporary gummy adhesive) to secure it in place for the holiday.  I just love how these 2 additions simply & inexpensively enlarged my Valentine’s Day mantel design.


Step 3 – Don’t forget the details!  I’ve had my sweet, little Angel for a long time, but this year (for the first time) I happened to notice that she had a tiny bird on her shoulder.  Keeping in mind that LOVE comes in all shapes & sizes, I used my hot glue gun to add a small heart to his beak because… of course, he would bring her a little Valentine’s Day greeting!


And if you like the little glass votive candle holder I placed in front of my Cherub, it was super easy to create!  The glass votive is a plain one I purchased at the dollar store and added the word “LOVE” to, using my favorite self-adhesive vinyl letters (see office supply stores for these, in all fonts & sizes).  You could also use a stencil and paint or etching cream to add a heartfelt sentiment.  The candle was even a bargain because I purchased it after Christmas for pennies!

Enjoy the creativity, and…




Chandelier Wreaths

I love to create the “unexpected” when I’m decorating for the holidays or seasons, and my guests love it too!

To create this “unexpected” look, make sure you choose a wreath that is light in weight.  This will be the one time you will WANT to check out the inexpensive wreaths because they are usually lightweight.  I cut 3 or 4 lengths of (non-wired) ribbon and tie them (in a knot) to the back side of the wreath, spacing them apart equally.   Then, I simply gather the other ends of the ribbon and intertwine them (through the chandelier chain) near the top of the chandelier.  I, then, tie them in a knot or use a pipe cleaner (extra ribbon or floral wire) to secure them to the top of my chandelier.  Finally, make a couple of bows and use those to hide the “knotted” mechanics, by placing them over this area on both the front & back.

Here is the fall version:

And here is a Christmas version.  NOTE that, in this version, I’ve added extra greenery, ornament balls and ribbon.  I’ve also used it to display my collection of Angel ornaments.  So let this design pull double duty for you, to highlight a grouping of ornaments as well.

Close-up, highlighting an ornament collection

If you are enjoying my creativity, please consider my book for yourself or as a gift – it has many more ideas for decorating AND ideas for creating the memories that go with it…. the most important thing of all to create.   I also am releasing my first, full-length Christmas Decorating DVD on 11/15.  If you like my style, this will provide you with many of my secrets .  Below is a preview and thank you, in advance, for your support! 😀

Bring the Garden “inside” for Valentine’s Day!

If you happen to have a sweet outdoor decoration, similar to the one I have used below, have some fun and dress it up for Valentine’s Day!  If you don’t have one, check the garden section of any store.  I found mine at Home Goods (

If your sweet angel has been outside, of course, wash it very well with hot, soapy water before beginning this project. Place your angel on top of a cake plate, add some silk flowers…. done!  Since my angel has a tiny bowl, I even placed Conversation Hearts in that for guests.   This would be a wonderful decoration to place in your foyer, side table, coffee table or serving table for your guests.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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